Animator state not found in iOS build only


My issue is that whenever I try to build my game into my iOS device, my rigged characters stop animation (All other effects, particles and animations are working fine)

Everything in the editor is great, smooth and 99% of the time working great (Though I saw similar error like the iPhone, but as I said it’s 99% of the time working great)

Now, here is how I’m loading my character animations from code:

void loadAllAnimations() {

	Debug.Log( "Loading animator started" );

	//let's load the character animation controller
	Animator characterAnimationComponent = currentProperties.characterBlender.GetComponent<Animator>();
	if (characterAnimationComponent == null) {
		characterAnimationComponent = currentProperties.characterBlender.AddComponent<Animator>();
	characterAnimationComponent.runtimeAnimatorController = 
		Resources.Load("Characters/Animations/AnimationController", typeof(RuntimeAnimatorController) ) as RuntimeAnimatorController
			) as RuntimeAnimatorController;

	Debug.Log( "Loading animator completed" );
	Debug.Log( "Current animator is " + characterAnimationComponent );
	Debug.Log( "Animator runtme controller is " + characterAnimationComponent.runtimeAnimatorController );

But then, on the iPhone, I get invalid layer, unable to play animation state errors in the console, and characters are frozen, all else is fine.

I can see my Debug.Log and every time I try to change a state I can see again my debug.log, so the animator is loaded into memory and all is fine.

I have done reimported all my project, waited for it 2 hours to do its job. Again build and the same problem occurs.

I do really wish someone could help, give some tips regarding the issue.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Ok, so after redoing the animations again in blender, seems now that the game is working fine on both iOS and Editor.

Mostly, the issue seems that animation files we’re a little bit corrupted or something wrong with the animation files.