Animator Stuck on Walk

Hi, I’m trying to make my character return to their idle state after walking. I trigger the walk animation, then have ‘Has Exit Time’ checked so that it transitions back to the idle animation afterward. It transitions back to idle then almost immediately triggers the walk animation again. I’m looking at the animator controller, and once the boolean parameter is set, it doesn’t reset. Isn’t that what exit time is supposed to do?

a transition from a state to other should have exit time or parameter you define and set in script!
exit time : after the animation state is finished it will transition to other!
so your issue is that your bool for walking is first false then it changed to true and will not reset after that…

so your animation will be like:
idle—set walk true–walk----after finishing go back to idle–(walk is true) --go to walk immediately

make sure you set walk parameter to false again…