Animator System doesnt work!

I am making an animation system with mecanim, but I have a problem. I have a project with a scene in it and with an animation controller, a character, my animation clips and two scripts, a character controller script and a camera controller script. In this project everything works perfectly (I have a running, walking, jumping, rolling and idle animation). But when I copy all these things into the asset map of a new project, unity doesnt copy the setting I configured for it with it, I have to set all settings again, like begin and end frame of the animation clip, and if is baked in pose or not. It is a lot of work to do this every time, so isnt there a way that Unity keeps these settings I made in the first project and copies them whenever I copy the animation files?

Thank you!

All those settings are saved with the scene, so when you remove the scene, you also remove the settings.
If you want to save those independently from the scene, you need to create Prefabs that hold the settings.