Animator - There's no Animation Attached??

Hello everyone,thanks for your time, I’ll cut to the point.

-I’ve created a GameObject.
-This gameObject has an AnimatOR attached.
-I’ve created 1 Animation and UNchecked the Loop animation box in the inspector.

I created a function on a script attached to the GO called:

void FinishedPlaying(){
Debug.Log("Animation ended");

I want to play this function as soon as the animation ends the first(and only) loop.
How can I accomplish this?
I tried :

if (!_anim.animation.IsPlaying("CodingAnimation")){
				Debug.Log("Animation Not Playing");


1.I get a warning with the message: “There is no ‘Animation’ attached to the GameObject.”

2.If I use this, the function will get called everytime the animation is NOT playing and not just the one time the animation finished playing.

What do you guys recommend I try?

Thank you for your time, help and expertise!