Animator, too much transitions?

Hello. I have a character with 7 static animation poses, and I wish for my character to switch between those poses seamlessly from any pose to any pose.
This is my setup, and it works great:

But the problem is, that I already have 84 transitions, and these 7 poses aren’t even all the poses that I will be adding - but yet, I need to transition from any pose, to any pose seamlessly.

I am using an INT parameter(0 to 6) to switch between the poses. If I am in pose 0, and INT changes to 3 → my character switches to that pose. If I am in pose 3, and INT changes to any other number → my character switches to that pose also.

My question: is this the correct way to do things to switch between many poses? and is my INT parameter also the correct way? If anyone can tell me a better way, please do.

Thank you in advance.

Would going from Any State to other poses,instead of having every possible connection, fix your problem?