Animator transition doesn't start until the current animation ends


So, I’m having this problem with the mecanim system,
I have a idle-walk-run state machine that’s suppsed to trigger between the acceleration, decceleration, running loop and idle state.

I have 2 transitions going out of the acceleration clip:
1 is to the running loop using exit time as a condition, and the other straight to deccelerating with the condition that we’re not running anymore if the acceleration animation is still going.

The problem is that even when the acceleration-decceleration transition will only start after the entire clip is complete and not when the conditions change.

Am I missing something about how the system works?
Is there a special step that needs to be taken to transition from the middle of a clip?

The weird thing is that the idle-anything transition does transition even from the middle of the animation clip.

Thanks for any replies.

You have to set “Has Exit Time” off to transition in the middle of a clip.

Don’t know if this is useful but when I set up player movement I make it so they is a speed float in the animator and then make it so that left is -5 and right is 5 and they is 0 where they do nothing. then I make the input key from left and right a VAR and then when I press they keys after putting the input code.