Animator Transition Once, not repeatedly, using SetFloat(), HOW?

I set the SetFloat to a value that causes the transition to occur, it does. The animation state plays, completes and returns to the default animation state.

That’s all as I want.

But the float value is still within a range that reactivates the transition, so it does.

How and when do I chance the float value to prevent this looping of the transition event cycling, without interrupting the first transition and first completion of the animation state transitioned to?

Consider using SetTrigger instead of a float value.
If you need a float value to break a threshold before animation can play, then analyze the float value vs. threshold in your code and then call animator.SetTrigger(triggername)

a Trigger in the context of the animator is a bool value that, as soon as the animator consumes a “true” trigger, it immediately sets it to false so that it cannot be triggered again until you call SetTrigger again.