Animator transitions disappear?

Hi! I have this weird bug, when randomly mid-game all animator transitions become instant. They are shown in the animator window (it shows how the transition is in process), but in the game view moves instantly from from one animation to another. All transitions are affected across all layers. I cant seem to find the issue, all my animation parameters looking good, and no triggers are stuck, also I'm not using transition interruptions. This happens randomly, but not always. Did anyone encounter this as well?

I doubt this is a common issue that anyone will be able to help you with. Your best bet is probably to recreate the issue in a minimal project and report it as a bug via the Help menu. There's a good chance that you will find what you are doing wrong while trying to reproduce it, but it is always possible that it's actually a bug.

Its is probably a bug in my own project, since I've never encountered it anywhere else. Do you know any conditions that would cause transitions to be skipped? Maybe something in my code is triggering that

I don't use Animator Controllers because the whole system is stupidly designed, but I don't remember anything like that from back when I did use them.