Animator's animation doesn't stop immediately.

Hey guys, I’ve always worked on puzzle games before so I have no experience with the animator in Unity. So I followed Mike’s “2D Character Controllers” tutorial to animate a 2D character. It was all working well until I stopped running my character. When I stop walking the running animation does not stop right after that. It waits for its completion to go back to idle state… which by the way has no animation and I don’t know if that’s the reason it doesn’t stop immediately because Mike’s character had an animation for idle state. Thanks a bunch.

Show us the conditions you use for the transition from Walking to Idle. You might be using a parameter (a bool maybe?) and the Exit Time or a transition duration. Unity waits until the exit time passes before checking the other conditions, and waits the “transition duration” before changing the animation (at least in 2D animations, in 3D it does a blend between both).

Read this: Unity - Manual: Animation transitions

And look at this tutorial for an example: