Announcing Logging for Game Server Hosting closed beta

We are pleased to give developers the opportunity to participate in our Logging Closed Beta program. Game server hosting logging enables text searches on server logs from a central location in the Unity Dashboard. You’ll be able to filter by fleet, server, log files and date.

What services are provided to you during Game Server Hosting Logging Closed Beta
If you choose to participate, you will get early access to our Logging solution, as well as access to a private Slack channel where you can provide feedback and ask any questions you might have related to logging.

The Closed Beta period starts now until further notice and may be extended at any time by Unity.

What costs are associated with Game Server Hosting Logging Closed Beta?
Logging will have 2 types of costs associated with it, but we have taken steps to limit those as much as possible

  • Bandwidth usage
  • Service fees

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Bandwidth usage: Logs need to be moved from your server to our Logging system, this will result in bandwidth usage. This bandwidth will be charged at the usual MP network prices and will be capped at 100GB per month. This cap is to protect you in case of unexpected behavior leading to logs being flooded with content. This usage cost will always be present while using Game Server Hosting Logging

Service fees: During the Closed Beta period, there will be no fees to access the Logging system. Log files will be retained for 7 days. This price structure is valid during Closed Beta only, and can be changed in future releases of Game Server Hosting Logging.

What happens at the end of the Closed Beta period for Game Server Hosting Logging?
When the Closed Beta test ends, you will have the opportunity to stay with us and participate in subsequent beta phases, or disable Logging. More details on pricing and next beta tests will be shared in advance to help you make an informed choice.

Before the end of the Closed Beta period, we’ll be back in touch to ask for feedback on your experience. We’d love to have the opportunity to get your feedback on our new feature!

How to participate in Game Server Hosting Logging Closed Beta
Simply fill out our onboarding form so we can gather the necessary information.

Will this work for Unity headless servers which are hosted elsewhere, such as on Playfab, or only on servers hosted by Unity's hosting service?

This will only work for servers hosted on Unity's Game Server Hosting service.

Hi. I joined the beta and enabled the logs. However, seems that logs are not updating. Is this the place to report issues?
I can see new log sessions in the regular server logs but in the new console I can only see logs from one of first sessions I did.

For the Closed Beta, the best way to get support is by being in our slack channel. Spikyworm5 I started a conversation with you to make sure you're in there.

The new logging feature should take your new logs and have them always be updated for you, so seeing only the 1st sessions is not normal behaviour. Let's get you on this support channel so we can get you up and running.