[Annoying bug] Editor crashing with "Increase kMaxCallback."


So guys. Are you gonna fix this or not?
Cause it's really frustrating to have the editor crash the moment you press play or simply give focus back to the editor and not be hitting CTRL-S like a mad man.
It's really infuriating. And yes, i have submitted a bug, 2-3 weeks ago.

The issue is listed as active - hoping for a fix soon too because it's painful crashing a dozen or more times a day.

Yes, i was informed about it, but i was hoping such a bug would get a hotfix or make it into a patch.
It’s easy to lose progress because of it.

Yeah happened to me twice today. Lost about 30 minutes work each time as Im not use to saving that often as Unity 5.4.1 was solid. Hope a fix comes soon.

I updated Unity a few weeks ago - at the current moment - i still regret it...

I get this crash like 6 times everyday, when pressing play or focusing back on editor.

When are we getting a fix? Hope it comes soon.

Am also regretting upgrading, this crash happens two or tree times a day, it just happened right row. . .on top of that the work offline button is giving me hell, It doesn’t want to work without an internet connection. . .I expected a lot from unity 2017.1, they should have just called it unity 5.7

It's one thing to put new stuff in, but a whole different thing when you manage to brake important stuff that were working as they should in the magnificent way of "wham, you didn't need that progress, did you?"

I've had this issue a total of 6 times yesterday...

Hi. Can you tell me what versions you are using that have the crash?
Please share any editor and crash dumps.
I am currently investigating the issue however it is proving hard to reproduce.

Are you all using collab?

Hi Karl,
I've recently upgraded to 2017.1.0f3 from 5.6. I've never had the issue until upgrading to 2017.
The current project does not use collab.

I've had the issue up to 6 times on one day, and only once yesterday so it seems fairly random.
If it does happen today, I'll update you with my observations.

Thanks. My assumption is there is some component internally registering for events but never unregistering. I just need to catch what it is doing it. I noticed collab is using the system and had errors in our bug report editor log but looks like that was a red herring :frowning:
So any information that can be provided will help. Are you entering/exiting playmode a lot? Switching build platform?

Using Unity 2017.1.0f3 OSX and Win 10 64bit (with VSCode on OSX and Visual Studio 2015 on Win). The kMax crash is happening on both versions about a dozen times a day and I’m not editing the same projects on both machines. Not using collab, not switching build targets. The Unity bug reporter does not automatically appear and I haven’t seen any crash dumps or anything useful in the Editor.log.

It seems to happen randomly, sometimes occurring when returning from code editing and compiling, then playing, other times just when clicking play during normal editing.

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Hi, well, i’ve had the issue since v2017, but the original bug says that is from earlier than that.
I am using collaborate and do use it quite a lot i think.
I’m also using VS community 2017 if that would make any difference.
I do think that it happens more often when i’m tweaking a scene and going in and out of Play mode.
But it also happens when i simply give focus to the editor. I may be in VS writing some code, or in a browser window checking things. And when i go back to the editor, it may just go puff!

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Ok I managed to recreate the issue by entering and exiting playmode 64 times :hushed:
The issue is that every time we enter playmode we registered for an event but never unregistered. This is actually fixed in our latest version(2017.3). Im backporting the fix to 2017.1 now and ill let you know the patch when its available. Id appreciate it if you could feedback on how it goes when available as it's possible that this is an entirely different issue as I get a different callstack from the bug report when it crashes.


I just had this crash 2 times for today. So far it’s been after doing some scripting in VS community 2017, then switching back and upon pressing play.

Awesome, will test as soon as its available.

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This happened to me once yesterday, lost 30 minutes of work. Happened to me again today and lost 3 hours of work. Thank goodness the scripts I was working on themselves saved, that was most of the headache I progressed through. This seems to happen when I click “Play” to see the effects real-time. This is a random bug which is very spontaneous and infuriating that needs to get fixed ASAP. The only protection is to save after every little change.

@karl_jones It just crashed, I didn't press play, i was going back and forth Editor <-> VS Community 2017 as i was making code changes and exposing public stuff, and hiding others with private.

Ok can you share any editor logs or crash dumps you may have? It’s still possible that it’s the same issue, I’m not sure of all the instances that this event was subscribed too so it may not just be on entering play mode. I was monitoring all the events and noticed that doing that did gradually increase the subscriber count. I spent most of the time using 2017.3 and could not get a crash but 2017.1 had that one instance.

Editor log looks normal. Couldn't find a crash log. Editor just goes away with after that message.

Ok thanks. Well the error message certainly needs improving!