Annoying light problem?

Ok so i have been using unity for about a month and this has not ever happened. When i add a light to my game it renders well and everything BUT when I add terrain it gets very choppy (the light). It almost looks like their is no transition from light to dark. Its just a solid black in places were there is no light their is no transition. This has never happened before? Any fixes thanks hope you understand me :D

i dont know why this happens, but i have this problem to. One way i have found helps is once you have made you Terrain and it is finished. go into the tarrain menu and click

"Create LightMap..."

then change the required settings.

once you have done this it should fade out from our lightMap to your lights.

I dont think there is a way to have lights work otherwise.

and if this does not work select our terrain and select the button that has a picture of a gear this button is settings.... and change the lighting type to pixel.

hope this helps!