Annoying warning with GUI, quick fix?

Hello. I made my menu starting with a script I found here. And this isn’t a problem at all, but it’s seriously annoying, I keep getting these yellow compiler warnings because apparently a line in the script I started off with is obsolete.

Assets/Game Project/Scripts/menu.js(98,49): BCW0012: WARNING: ‘UnityEngine.QualitySettings.currentLevel’ is obsolete. Use GetQualityLevel and SetQualityLevel

How can I quickly fix this?

Here is one of the lines in my script it is complaining about:

QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Fast;

I tried changing QualityLevel to SetQualityLevel, but it said ‘Unknown Identifier’

Well…do as it says…use GetQualityLevel/SetQualityLevel (depending on whether you want to read or write) instead of QualitySettings.currentLevel…


(k is a number between 0 and 5…or more, if you added additional quality levels)

The quickest fix is looking into the manual.