ANSI characters in text? roguelikes

is it possible to have ansi characters in text in unity?

something like alt text basically characters from the pallet of characters: alt text with different colored backgrounds

I noticed that unity3d has problems (lags rather heavily) with about 100x100 tile map made from just simple Cubes tiled next to each other (it was a test if roguelike game could be possible on unity, using cubes as the "grids", with textures put on them)

so I am looking for alternatives. I thought maybe text characters in a text box somewhere... and so I am wondering if ANSI is possible. or are there any alternatives... ?

Use a texture atlas and some kind of sprite system, so you don't have thousands of separate objects. Unity doesn't have one built-in, so you can make one or use an existing third-party system like SpriteManager.