[answer] How to get editor physics visual gizmos handles for inspecting physic joints angular limit?

I'm using 2017.2 final and I'm not able to visualise this new gizmo visual tools for Joints and inspect the angular limits.

How can I get this visual physic gizmo? I'm using 2017.2 final and I'm selecting the GameObject containing a configurable joint component. All my gizmos are enabled in the editor window. And pressing the "Edite Joint Angular Limites" button but nothing is happening.

Is there sam visual documentation or video?

Answer: As Erendil mention, You need to go to the Joint component in the inspector and press the "Edit Angular Limites"(the first button on top). Then go down and enable Use Limites. In the Limits section ad, a starting Min and Max value. And on the "Configurable Joint" you need to set the "Angular X Motion" to "Limited" and the gizmo will show up.

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I don’t know for the docs, but if you select “Limited” in the motions menus, the tool became usable. By default, movement is free so there’re no limits to set.

Works the same way for the hinge joints.


Hoo... You are very welcome to this forum!! For your first post not bad! @Maxens_Dubois thank you so much.

For those who didn't see the edit: You need to check the "Use Limits" checkbox in the hinge component


And on the "Configurable Joint" you need to set the "Angular X Motion" to "Limited"

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