Antialiasing as Post Effect in Unity 3.5.0

I got this message every frame for Antialiasing as Post Effect:

Missing shader in Main Camera (AntialiasingAsPostEffect) UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object) PostEffectsBase:CheckShaderAndCreateMaterial(Shader, Material) (at Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/PostEffectsBase.js:13) AntialiasingAsPostEffect:CreateMaterials() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/AntialiasingAsPostEffect.js:37) AntialiasingAsPostEffect:OnRenderImage(RenderTexture, RenderTexture) (at Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/AntialiasingAsPostEffect.js:51)

The effects worked fine before I upgraded my project to 3.5.0.
I am using SSAO.

Is this Image Effect not supported any more? Any alternative if so?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

When adding the AA component in the editor the shaders are automatically initialized, but when the component is added via scripting the shaders must be assigned, like so (C#):

AntialiasingAsPostEffect aa = go.AddComponent<AntialiasingAsPostEffect>();
aa.ssaaShader = Shader.Find("Hidden/SSAA");
aa.dlaaShader = Shader.Find("Hidden/DLAA");
aa.nfaaShader = Shader.Find("Hidden/NFAA");
aa.shaderFXAAPreset2 = Shader.Find("Hidden/FXAA Preset 2");
aa.shaderFXAAPreset3 = Shader.Find("Hidden/FXAA Preset 3");
aa.shaderFXAAII = Shader.Find("Hidden/FXAA II");
aa.shaderFXAAIII = Shader.Find("Hidden/FXAA III (Console)");

I am not sure it will help your particular case, but it might!

I didn’t find where in the editor script those shaders were setted… any idea?