AntiGavity... Apparently

Right so Im frustrated beyond belief. The room gravity is set to 8.91, an objects mass is 1500, when the game runs it skyrockets towards the sky. The object has no scripts attached other then rigidbody. So I tried room gravity -8.91 and that just made it skyrocket faster. Tried negative weight and even worse. Somethings wrong, bad. And its horribly annoying.

PS: Ive deleted it several times, completly

I’ve never seen this before so I’m just going to take some shots in the dark.

  1. Do you have two overlapping colliders attached to the same object. Maybe some weird behavior would cause them to try to push the other out and UP.
  2. You definitely want the gravity to be negative.
  3. Do you have a Constant Force component attached to the object? That could do it.
  4. It could be a bug. Have you tried re-installing/restarting Unity.

If all else fails I would submit a bug report and at least they can either tell you it is a bug or they will see your project and tell you what you did wrong. Sorry I can’t give any definitive answers.

Or you can turn your monitor upside down.

Theres the link, room gravity is -9, if I dont place it on the ground to start it falls to the ground like its supposed to, but then bounces back up infinitely.

Try altering the objects mass, 1500 is a huge amount, it is usually not advised to go above 10 mass on anything.

Also, make sure no gameobjects are over lapping with it or that any rigidbodys are within it.

If this all fails: Make a new scene, make a default block and set its mass to 1, set up the same environment you have currently and see what happens.

If it still is acting the same way, then re-download unity and check it.

If it is still doing it after that, then it very well could be something to do with your PC.

Hey guys its fixed, sorry I blewup last night, I changed the ground mass to about 5 million and now it works