Any 2D side scroller tutorials?

Was wondering if anyone of any good 2D side scroller tutorials as I am wanting to start with 2D to keep things simple plus its much easier finding sprites than it is to find free 3D models that are rigged and what not. I would prefer it to be C# but if its in JS I’ll just try to convert it to C#. Any help will be appreciated.

Here Is one but there is alot others. Just google “2D side scroller tutorials unity”

I found this channel that has some really basic tutorials up on like triggering audio, making simple quests, spawning objects etc. All small things you could use in your game that are quite helpful. You could probably ask him to make some 2D tutorials, but most of the scripts he uses can be used in a 2D project as well. Here it is: 2KMIXEDIT - YouTube