Any Admob experts here ?

Hey guys ,so I thought I had done the hard part by creating a fun little racing game (Google - Non Linear Games Crazy Racer) have so far had 10,000 downloads :slight_smile: so feeling pretty good ,ok its no Angry Birds but not bad for a first try :slight_smile: my admob banners show up fine in game BUT I honestly have no idea if I have the whole admob thing set up correctly to get the best possible income (if any lol ) .I sthere anyone who can advise me on how to set Up Admob itself in simple terms lol .My brain is fried from making and publishing the game .Anyone ,would be eternally grateful :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I have build a lot of games for android with ADMOB so i have best experience for it.
I prefer Neatplug AdMob Ads Plugin, you can get it from here:

This plugin is very simple and has a lot of options

Then you can go to Neatplug Chartboost Ads Plugin. this plugin is used to implement full screen chart like advertisement which some high titles game like - angry birds shows in between game.

For any other additional information you do feel free to ask me