Any Andorid tutorials?

Hello everyone.

I was wondering, now that the basic Android license is out and I am proberly sooner or later gonna buy it.

I just want to see how hard it is to code for the Andorid and how "diffrent" it is before I am going to jump head first into buying the Andorid license.

So is there any tutorials for making a Android game using Unity except for the Penelope tutorial?

Thank you for your time :)

Using unity to make games on any platform is pretty much the same until you’re really down to the platform specific stuff like accelerometer and that kind of stuff and then again, it’s also the same on iOS, it’s all the same programming language (javascript, C# or Boo script), Unity handles the conversion to Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, so what you want is tutorials to make games, not specifically tutorials for making android games.

The difference here will be that you must be aware of performance and how to optimize your game for the android device you’re targeting and their different resolution.

So look for all kinds of tutorials and mobile optimization tutorials and you’ll be fine.

For optimization I recently went back a couple times to this unity presentation
For game tutorials in general, it can come from various source, google what you’re trying to accomplish and you should find something either on google or on unity answers.