Any Direction/Idea to equip items on my modul?

I’m trying to make an RPG game - not a complex one.
I made a cool inventory and everything works great.
Now - I’m trying to equip/wear items on my charecter and I don’t know how to do it.
I searched a lot on the internet and I didn’t found a solution for that.
I’m able to equip/wear Weapons/Shield on my project because its easier then equip/wear - Chest,Helmet,Gloves and etc’.
I’m trying to understand how to do it, like changing materials? or to create the same modul with all the equipments and each time I equip item - change the modul with it.
I have no clue how to do it properly.
Thanks a lot guys!

an easy way put helmet on your player deactive it so now you won’t see helment,make a script
public GameObject Helmet;
put this script to your Collectable like spining helmet or something and use drag and drop to add you GameObject- Halmet that need to be activate :smiley:
this is not the best way but it will get you started and you can use inventory equping stuff with this method :smiley:

Well I reached for a great solution from this topic:
It works perfectly.