Any easy way to hover over a button to make it glow a bit in editor?

At first, “highlighted color” seemed to be the solution!

…Then I thought I was running into a bug where a button was getting disabled after clicking – apparently CLICKING on the button actually makes the highlighted color STAY – offering the illusion of “pressed in”.

It’s strange this is the default (since most .NET or even JS/bootstrap don’t do this) – is there a way to easily make highlighted cover HOVER ONLY?

Set ‘Navigation’ to ‘None’ in the Button-Script component. The button stays highlighted if ‘Navigation’ is set to ‘Auto’. This is for using a keyboard to control the buttons … like marking them active (highlighted) with the tab-key.

The best thing for that would still be the Color Tint transition on the Button Script. Just change the color for pressed color to the the normal color or something different from the highlighted color. The button shouldn’t be stuck on a color once you click it, so I would check to make sure you don’t have the “intractable” set to false or disable the button in the “On Click ()” function in the editor.