Any examples of pure 2D maze games?

Now, before everyone links the Lerpz Unity 2D platformer, I mean a flat 2D maze game - think Pac-man. Are there any such example projects around?

I've been working on building a 2D game, and although there are some tutorials (like the excellent Buzz series), I still have trouble wrapping my head around making a 2D game with 3D Components. :) As such, I have more questions than I really want to post all at once - I'm hoping to find some sample code that will give me some answers.

You can look at this project; it's very 2D and you could make mazes with the level editor.

Not really sample code, but a good discussion on how OMG Pirates and Zombieville USA (iPhone games) were made.

I'm currently using Unity to make a 2D game, and the gist of it is mainly that your projection is flat. In my case, using an orthographic camera along the Z axis, and constraining movement to the X and Y axis (the fact that you can implicitly make a Vector2 from a Vector3 helps with this in a few cases).

Well for pac-man like game you shouldnt need that much help for it, just put the camera to point down and create a plain as ground and insert some walls. then you can use OnTrigger collision to collect items and increase your score ( as im sure you learned at 3d buzz to make GUI to show score and basic game logic). for AI i would recommend to check Angry ant and steamisM50's AI tutorials.

After that you just need some creativity and good game design.

( trying out things yourself is the best way to learn, just use your imagination and programming skills together)