Any Game Launcher/Patcher software out their?

Hey Gang Ready Do Launch my game onto the net and see it fail like all first games :smiley:
Are their any game launcher maker softwares out their to make a Game-Launcher that sees if you have the latest version and Auto-Download / install from dropbox?

I figured this is done with Software outside of Unity… Just seeing if anyone can point me in the right direction to do this so people don’t have to Download my name all the time, it dose it for you :slight_smile:

For a while, we could put .dlls into asset bundles and load them with reflection. I see no evidence that this feature has gone away.

Maybe there’s no way to upgrade the behaviors attached directly to your game objects. That just makes this a design problem rather than a problem with the platform. Just don’t put anything you want to be able to patch into a class that inherits from MonoBehaviour.

Instead, make MonoBehaviour implementations that delegate to other classes. Have those classes implement interfaces in .dlls that you don’t patch. Then use asset bundles to send out updates of actual behavior.

It won’t let you patch every single thing but it will let you patch in the two most common cases:

  1. When you want to alter the behavior of an existing class.
  2. When you want to add a new class that implements an existing abstraction.