Any Good References for Game Math

I am looking for some good introductory math books or websites that pertain to game development, or at least the common topics used in game development. It does not have to be specifically a “Math for Game Development” book or site. I am not looking for code specific information, I want to learn the underlying math for caluclating circles, finiding angles between objects, and other common tasks used in game development. I started digging into trigonometery yesterday, and think this will result in a lot of what I need, but I wanted to see if anyone had sugestions. I am looking for something that has simple explainations without all the complex mathmatical notation and symbols, or at least explains the notation for the non-math majors.

Juce is a great online resource. Start there for free. There is a math and physics book for game programming out there as well, but I would not get it. That book covers a very basic level.