Any idea on how to build a 2D dynamic cell?

I am trying to build a cell player for a 2D microorganism game. As far as I got is a bezier curve building a mesh on it. But I want it to be dynamic: when the cell moves right, the left part stays behind a little and this should happen in all directions. I provided a photo: 102474-sad.png

This takes a lot of computations: for every new position of the cell the mesh is recalculated. I get lag with 2 of this on the screen.

Have you any idea on how to build something like this? I don’t mind using a 3rd party software for animations.

If the calculations themselfs are the performance problem, you could store precalculated deformation data in a file.

Record the data for a bunch of different cell shapes and their movement in the editor and store the results in a List (for example) inside a ScriptableObject. When you run the game you take the data from the ScriptableObject and apply it to the vertex positions.