Any idea on when we'll see Unity work with Xcode 4?

I just stupidly installed the recently released Xcode 4 GM without realizing how unlikely it really was to work with Unity. Now I'll probably be restoring to a Time Machine backup. Unless Unity 3.2 is just about to be released with Xcode 4 support. Any chance of that? Do people here actually know at all?


So you are working for IOS?

Well that is a real problem, I dont know when Unity 3.2 is going to be ready but the thing about the time machine is a great idea to restore your Xcode.

If you cant just PM me and Ill send you the Xcode version 3.2.4.

Good Luck franktinsley.

Unity 3.2 doesn't seem to be working with Xcode 4 yet, unfortunately. I posted to the forum to inquire about this very problem, hope we get some official answers!


  • jmpp

This is not exactly true. If you hit 'Build' instead of 'Build and Run', you'll get a successful build, and the Finder window will be automatically opened. From there you can safely open the XCode project (with you XCode 4) and build it. I tried it on a real device and got everything working smoothly.