Any Ideas For Muzzle Flash?


I just want to hear what ideas you guys have for muzzle flash. I'm not a big fan of the example tutorial Unity gives you with the 2D plane that spins around with an image of a muzzle flash.

I'm thinking more of particle system - but I want to hear your input.

Thanks folks!

Well, with the rotating plane, it will be a lot more stable. For instance, When your games frame rate is running low the particle based muzzleFlash will look really weird.

In the end most games for first person use a plane muzzleFlash. And then sometimes they have a particleBased muzzleFlash for third person. Also if you looked at the third person shooter example. Then it has a mesh muzzleFlash. This can also work.

I have only made one particle based muzzleFlash that looked ok. It was rather hard.

What I did was create a basic model of the muzzleFlash in blender. Then I used that as a mesh emitter. Then sense it did not use velocity it will still look ok in low frameRate.

But if you have more then one in the scene it will really slow down the frameRate.

I would suggest that you use a plane, or a mesh that looked like a muzzleFlash...

Like I said before you can find a good example of that on the third person shooter project on unitys website.

Hope this helps!