Any image effects for Unity free version?

Like AA ,grain ,blur and other?

This is technical impossibil because image effects need the already rendered image to do something. The feature to get theese rendered images in realtime needs Unity Pro. But you can fake some effects.

AA can be toggled on in the Quality Settings in the Project Settings (But I’m not sure if this work in free)

For other effects you can try to tweak a texture right in front of your camera with some textures/shaders/animations on it. With this technique you can simulate grain and a very, very, very simple blur - very simple. But try it out. For the most things you need only a almost transparent texture.

I hope I have helped you.

Actually, it’s not an impossibility, there are already packages in Unity’s store that do just that for the free version.

a Great package for Unity Free.

Now, for grain effects, camera vignetting and the like, just as Ent said. Just a GUITexture covering the whole screen. That’s what i’m doing anyway.

There are more packages if you look for them, like gem shaders, translucency shaders, refraction shaders…