Any one have an AI spaceship script

I’m creating a few games for android so I can kick start my company for the google play store. One of them needs a spaceship AI script, Sadly there arn’t any spaceship AI scripts on the asset store, so if you have any Plane/spaceship AI scripts maybee you could put it on the asset store for some amount of money.


I can give you a c# script that you would have to convert to unity/mono environemnt but the logic is there and covers evasion, chasing and general moving of enemy sprites.
This was a University FdSc Final year project to produce a side-scrolling shooter.I believe that you could look at this and see how it is written and implemented (read code comments)
and easily convert this to Unity friendly script as the logic is there, just formatted to XNA libraries, which Unity has most factors in that covered in theirs, it seems in one way or another.
Anyway see attached zip if you want them :slight_smile: