any place to download fully rigged and animated 3d human characters for unity?

I'm in need of some models for testing in my game. Any place to get them?

This guy is rigged and animated

3dattack's magazine "Unity Creative" has a fully rigged and animated model for Unity that comes with their 3rd issue Plus I believe it is a great magazine Packed with informative articles and tutorials.

You can download free stuff from blenswap with licens “CC Attribution 3.0” (I assume you do not want share-alike license, which requires you to share your workd open-source with same license). You have to credit the artist but better than making one from scratch.

Then you should open model with blender(a free program) and export in fbx format. I think fbx format is not alloed as default, so there you have your answer: unity game engine - Importing .fbx Character in Blender - Stack Overflow

Note: And it does not hurt to attribute someone who put free stuff on web, I normally attribute artists which share work with public domain license.

Note: I know I am answering to a dead thread. But If someone needs to read this in 2013, he will have his answer.