any services like open feint around ?

I have stumbled upon a few sites that say open feint is great for score boards Friending in game etc. Sadly it appears that was taken down some time ago. does anyone know of any other free apis that could be used to set up scoreboards etc on android devices? thanks

thanks, i also found that there is a google api you can get once your app is on the app store, and then you can integrate google play achievements and leader boards etc. That maybe all i need but ill check out the parse site. is it better then the google api?

If you are looking for leaderboards, teams and stuff, I would recommend to have a look at GameSparks .
Currently we are pretty much happy with it!

awesome, thanks Voxel Busters. Ill check that out as well. Thank you for sharing. what genera of game are you using with GameSparks that has worked well ?

We are currently working on a hopping game where we have different Leaderboards, One-on-One challenges with score.

We didn't try their real time feature yet. (Earlier we used photon for realtime, which was pretty good. But I'm not sure if GS can provide that good better latency when compared to Photon in this aspect.)

Overall, Cloud code is the one we liked a-lot, still lot can be done within it but, I see its constantly improving.

wow, this looks great, but one question about it is what the player MAU deal is. says 10,000 is free each month, is that that many players that log in and play, or is it just that many times someone acceses the app or what?

100K DAU is what they state.
Rather than explaining here, Let me point to the link.

They specify Unlimited usage based on FUB, but not sure what exactly they mean.

For the option they give, it looks fairly possible to make money to pay their charges for that user count. We also need to try out best revenue model which suits this.

You can make as many requests as you want per user. Good that no restrictions on API calls :)

awesome, thanks ill check into that. seems like a good service that is possibly set up that If your each the amount of users to bump you from the free service you will be making way more then the cost to continue using it. going to do a bit more research but defiantly keep them in mind for future projects thanks!

Parse is good, used that before.

Playfab also looks good, haven't actually used them.

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