any SINGLE plugin for both ios and android In App Purchase??

Can some one please list out any SINGLE plugin for both iOS and Android? Thanks in advance.

um …

click to

the URL is “

you can click on “Android” or “iOS”.

Prime31 is the main plug-in maker for Unity. Basically every Unity developer uses them. Of the top 100 Unity apps, 99 would use P31 plugins for facebook, IAP, whatever.

Hope it helps.

Funnily enough Prime31 DOES NOT USE THE ASSET STORE. You just buy direct from their prime31 web site.

Prime31 is sort of integrated in to your Unity editor … you can see here

OK? Hope it helps. Enjoy your Unity journey!

I’m using OpenIAB for both iOS and Android (google play)
EDIT It’s free!

Unified Mobile PLugnin by Reign Studios also supports all platforms, windows store, android, ios, blackberry, etc… downside is it looks like the creator has abandoned it… but, it does work… using it in all of my projects… Its a one plugin for all type plugin…

Cross Platform Native Plugins provide unified way to access many frequent used features.

Ex : Billing/IAP, Notifications, WebView, Dialogs, Leaderboards & more.

All these comes with a single unified API for iOS and Android.

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