Any suggestions on how to pause the game without using Time.timeScale?

I’d like to have animation on the pause screen, so using Time.timeScale isn’t desirable. Is there any other way to pause the game, perhaps by layer or group?

Define a boolean variable and check as below where you want to pause which method.


I hope that will help you and sorry for my English :slight_smile:

You could create a class inherited from Monobehaviour with a custom update function running on coroutines and realtime. Then, you can easily pause anything inheriting from it. Example in C# :

public class TimedMonoBehaviour : MonoBehaviour
    protected float timeScale = 1f;
    protected bool paused = false;
    protected deltaTime{ get; private set; } // Can be used in sub-classes

    private float lastUpdate = 0f;
    private IEnumerator Start()
        while( Application.isPlaying )
            deltaTime = (Time.realtimeSinceStartup - lastUpdate) * timeScale;
            lastUpdate = Time.realtimeSinceStartup;

            // Might be problematic to unpause, 
            // inputs shouldn't be in TimedUpdate.
            if( !paused ) 
            yield return null;
    protected virtual void TimedUpdate(){} // Replace Update

And then, when you create a new script

public class SomeStuff : TimedMonoBehaviour 
    protected override void TimedUpdate()
        transform.Translate( new Vector3( deltaTime * 10f, 0f, 0f ) );

I haven’t tested any of it, so be careful. Physic won’t be affected at all though.