Any time I import something containing scripts I get errors with no output.

Hello everyone.

I have a problem! When I import anything containing scripts(on my lower end PC) I get 2 errors with no output… It says “Internal compiler error. See console log for more information. output was:”. I’m not new to coding, I’m only new to Unity, so i could fix it if it would have an output. On this PC I’m Running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit with 2GB ram and a 2 core 2.6GHz Amd Athlon processor and with AMD Radeon 7750 Graphics. My other PC has Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with 8GB ram and a 4 Core 3.6GHz Amd A10 Processor and with integrated graphics(No money at the moment for a better one). And It works fine on my higher end PC(the second one), so then why wouldn’t it work on a lower end PC, or why is it braking? Is it possibly a bug? Please help guys cos I’m getting crazy mad because of this. Here is a Pastebin of the log:

Im using the same build on both PC’s and for example thing the character controller, when I import that only ticking the ones which say NEW I get 2 errors with no output. When I open a script Mono freezes and it can’t load “Assembly-CSharp”. It says next to it “(Load failed)”

P.S English is not my native language so sorry if my English is bad.

It is possible the errors in the files are so bad they are crashing the pre-complier, which would otherwise be spitting out more useful errors. Try fixing up some of the loose code, or starting a new file in your project, and importing the code a few lines at a time. Unless you can be more specific… -TE