Any tips on making a nice menu?

Hi, iam making this game that may contain vehicles which player would upgrade and I am getting close to finishing the main sequence of the game and whats left to do is the main menu and the upgrade menu. What I want to do is have these vehicles shown during the selection, move with them and move (also rotate) the camera around a lot. (maybe something like look at or something) When upgrading I need the camera to over the vehicle and highlight the parts of the vehicle the player can upgrade. So… does anyone have any tips or advices? Like whats the simplest way to move the camera into certain points? I really dont want to do stuff like trans.pos.x += something and such. How can I do the highlighting part? Some shader you could link, perhaps? Or something like a glowing object…? Also, the gui size needs to be done so that it matches the resolution… anyone knows a nice tutorial on how to do that? (also, how do I combine guitexture and a guitext correctly so they stay on top of each other all the time?) Thank you for any advice you can give me. :slight_smile:

Hello, I recommend to you to use Vector3.Lerp() method to move and rotate the camera to the previous established target position and rotation, and for the highlight check the asset store there’s good ones that can be helpful to achieve your needs, cheers b0.0d.