Any tutorials for Unity 3 to make a TEXT BASED iphone game?

I'm wondering if it's possible to make a text based game for the iphone/ipad, andriod etc.

No 3d graphics.. basically just a flat 2d menu system with some nice background images to jazz it up..

It would need the capability for networking/database link etc.. I would compare it to those Forces of War, Kingdoms Live type games that are out there..

What is the best way to go about this.. can anyone help out?


You can just stick to GUI objects, but seems like overkill, esp for mobile, but I don't see why it wouldn't work ok.

That's not really what Unity is for. Unity is, after all, a 3D engine. Technically you could make a word processor with Unity too, but you'd be better off using the correct tool for the job. You should be using native UI elements for this sort of thing, which Unity has no support for. You can hack it in, but why? It's pointless...if you do that then you don't need Unity in the first place.

I’ve gotta disagree with the answer. I don’t think Unity is ‘only’ for 3D games. I’ve used it successfully to create purely 2D educational software as well as full 3D games. Yes, unity excels at 3D but I guarantee you can do all the things you ask for in your question with Unity3d.

Of course, if you can use all the other software/tools/languages then of course you should choose the best tool for the job (but then if you already knew them you wouldn’t be asking the question right?), however if like most people you don’t have time to learn ‘everything’ then Unity is a really good place to start. Unity3D CAN easily do this stuff and a great piece of software to learn with many benefits above and beyond other tools.