Any Update on Nested Prefabs?


I know there isnt an Netsed Prefabs support by Unity, but does anyone found some information if and when it will appears?

Also maybe someone found an trick to work around it. All the Assets which I found wasn´t what they was supposed to be.

Would be neat if someone can help me out with that.

For everyone who dont know what nested Prefabs are:
Nested Prefabs are Prefabs in Prefabs, but as soon you create out of an Prefab another the old references will be deleted and changed to the original Prefab wont be applied to the new one.

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This is a joke. After TEN years Unity did not add the most fundamental feature any engine should have. Without this it is virtually impossible to manage even small coherent content. Instead they let a 3rd party plugin do it…

The only conclusion can be that this is a way to extract money from free users without mocking the community by making this absolutely essential feature PRO only.

I can’t wrap my head around this. This is an abomination.

You’ve probably seen it already, but it’s on the dev track in the current roadmap: Platform roadmaps | Unity

Some solutions exist in the Asset Store, but I’d rather wait than refactor the entire project once the official support is there. Unless you’re working on sth small, of course.

(Also, seems like the 3rd party solutions don’t scale that well with larger projects afaik).

The only plugin that seems to do everything correctly is this one.

its actually perfect and I don’t think unity should waste anytime in developing their own.

You can try it for free and see for yourself.
I was against getting a third-party plugin as I believe unity should have this it built in.
But when I see that this guy got it perfect it makes me wonder if unity can match it. I dont think so.
The problem that unity faces is that they will try to make their please everyone’s use case and I think it will be over complicated.

You cant get better than perfect. Trust me and give this one a free test.

Coming this year in fall in 2018.3.