Any Updates?

So it's been over 3 months without an update. Is the next update coming soon?
Right now the memory profiler works about 20% of the time for me.
On Android, capturing the player just freezes the app and never completes.
Sometimes can't even make a connection. No errors or warnings output, just a progress bar that sits at 100% for hours :(

Hi there,
You haven't seen any updates to the memory profiler package in a while, because we're working on a refactor of parts of the backend. Those changes are happening in the main codebase and should hopefully fix a whole host of issues related to the backend failing to take a snapshot. Unfortunately you will have to be patient a while longer, but rest assured, we haven't abandoned it.

The connection problems are another important issue to all of Unity's profiling and something we are focusing on finding a solution for as well.

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We just released 0.1.0-preview.7. That does not relate to any of the backend fixes, except for screenshotting capabilities on 2019.3 though, so crashes and connection issues are not addressed yet. There are some fixes in crawling and the UI though, so I hope it helps somewhat.

Is this a confirmation that the issue described in the following thread is actually a bug?

No, I meant issues in the connection between profiler and player.
Then again, since the backend didn't change yet, neither did how we collect connections.

I've replied to that thread though.

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Coming up on another 4 months without an update. Is this still being developed?

Well, we've releases 0.1.0-preview.8 6 days before you posted ;)
Also, that version includes the UI changes needed for the backend fix for the native objects connections mentioned above and in that thread. That backend change alone was quite heavy. Basically a whole bunch of work on this is entirely invisible on a surface level.

P.s. Please note that the backend changes necessary for the connection fix only landed on 2020.1 and were backported to 2019.3 only.