Any way of getting shadows in Unity Indie

Hi again, I know that there are no dynamic shadows in the non-pro version of unity however does anyone know of a way around this. I am trying to make a scary game and so shadows are very important for this.

what I am looking for are:

any downloadable addOns enabling dynamic shadows

Work arounds possibly using raycast or linecast to check if there is something in the way of the light(don't mind if it is complicated but if it is code please make sure it is javascript)

Anything that is vaguely useful for creating shadows of complex shapes or just a plain, definite answer that it is not possible so I don't waste anymore time trying

Thanks for your help


Unless your shadows need to be dynamic (which usually they actually don't need to be, you should consider:

  1. Baking your lighting in another program. Into the textures or into lightmaps. This is one of the best solutions.
  2. Shadow projectors.

If you really need dynamic shadows, you might try:

  1. Animated lightmaps. Can be quite expensive, depending on your setup.
  2. Animated Shadow projectors
  3. Writing a shader that projects backfacing vertices back into space to create shadow volumes. Can be complicated, expensive and suffers many other limitations.
  4. Defining meshes at run-time to create custom shadow volumes. Even worse than writing a shader to do it.

Casting shadows onto a ground plane is easy. It doesn't handle the project-on-wall case you want for your game, but might be useful in some situations.

There's an article in Game Programming Gems Volume 1 that explains ground plane shadows. (The technique could potentially be generalized for other planar shadows.)