Any way to capture the Console ouput or limit the Editor Log ouput to match the Console's?

The Editor Log includes stack information that I wish I could toggle on/off.

All I would like to see in the log are the output lines as shown in the Console, or be able to capture the console's ouput.

or a way to redirect ouput to a text file?

Actually I would prefer to even toggle off the lines "UnityEngine.Debug: Log(Object)" in the console also.

Any ideas?

There isn't a built-in way to do what you want. I wanted this too (a single line per log entry), and so I ended up just making my own replacement Debug class, and calling my own Log function on that class.

You can use .net's File IO class to write to your own text file very easily, and you can even write to a file within the assets folder, so that it shows up in Unity's project pane and is double-clickable to view.