Any way to change Editor navigation speed?

I know about alt-right-drag, but is there a way to change the speed the camera navigates in Scene views? My mouse wheel as well as wasd is just too fast for examining small details.

The best info I found so far is here: Treehouse: HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, and Python Development Courses

To summarize:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Flythrough: right-mouse-button + W/A/S/D keys
Move: ALT + middle-click-drag
Orbit: ALT + left-click-drag
Zoom: ALT + right-click-drag or mouse-wheel
Frame Selection: F
Undo: CTRL+Z (Windows) / CMD+Z (Mac)
Vertex Snapping: Hold V
Pan Tool: Q
Move Tool: W
Rotate Tool: E
Scale Tool: R

Use the arrow keys instead.