Any way to change UV mapping?

Hi I'm importing a very simple fbx model which is a cube, with a smaller cube protruding from the centre of the side faces. All is well except on the side faces of the smaller cube any texture I apply is stretched infinitly in the horizontal. (It's perfect on the larger cube) In any other program, selecting cubic UV mapping fixes this, so hoped there might be options within Unity>

Thanks Steve

Unity does not have a UV editor (as it's not a 3D modeling program). The most it can do in terms of UVs is that you can set the UV coordinates of each vertex manually, though that's a very time-consuming and difficult way. You're going to need to go back to your 3D modeling program and make sure that the UV map on your model is completely correct before importing into Unity. If you're using FBX, as you said, try another format.

Scroll down this page for a list of supported file types. Try using your 3D modeling program's source filetype (like .3ds, .ma, .blend, .max, etc) instead of the FBX format (which can sometimes cause problems during exporting).

There is a plugin to edit UV:

A Lite version too (but limited to move uv vertex):

alt text

Im having this same issue on a build Im currently working on… in the newest versions of unity how is this problem resolved? I have an environment full of models that I now need to get the lighting right for it to look natural. Any help would be greatly appreciated