Any way to get an accurate Renderer.bounds immediately after modification?

I have a script that resizes the text after it has been modified, the problem is I must wait an amount of time ( I use one frame as its the smallest amount I can think of) But if I could listen to an event that fires right after the update of the bounds data or force the update of the bounds data of a Renderer or if there had an Update-Like function/event that happens to be fired between bounds calculation and the display, I would be rid of that jitter between text change and resize. Is there such a thing?

Also: I know there’s Mesh.RecalculateBounds but MeshRenderer.additionalVertexStreams always return null with Unity’s TextMesh. LateUpdate does not seem to change much thing either, so the recalculation happens between LateUpdate and the display

Did you find a solution for this? I am experiencing the same issue…