Any way to get Cloud build work with imported Blender models?

I was wondering if there’s a way to work with cloud build and a project containing Blender models? Currently it seems that the cloud builder can’t import them so any project with Blender models fails to build in cloud, unless I hard-convert them to FBX.

Is there some way around this?

They don’t support the .blend file and probably won’t. I’ve gotten out of the habit of using .blend files even in test situations, but if you absolutely have to, you’ll just have to make a local test project in Unity for them. I might suggest not using .blend files at all. I used to be a fan but lately I’ve noticed them leading to “Buffet Style” Development for lone developers. Where you do a little in blender, then in unity, then back to blender… you work back and forth too much not getting one thing done very well and not getting a good flow or “zone”. I suggest to finish your 3D asset to the point you need for current development cycle (prototype/alpha/beta/polish) then export as .FBX then do the logic you need, instead of working back and forth. Sorry if I assume too much about your workflow.

Thanks for the quick and through answer. I do recognize the “buffet style” from audio production and it’s indeed a very time-taking workflow. Hmm, I guess we’ll go on with exporting FBX meanwhile. Thanks again!