Any way to hide the value in a Range PropertyField?

I’d like to hide the numerical value display that is shown to the right of the value slider in my custom editor.
I want to simply have labels saying ‘less’ & ‘more’ at either end so the user is not aware of the actual values.
(it’s a non-linear function and the numbers themselves are counter-intuitive)

Using the following only removes the label:

EditorGUILayout.PropertyField( gaps, GUIContent.none, true, GUILayout.MinWidth( 100 ) );

Is there a way to achieve this?


I do not think that is possible with EditorGUILayouts Slider.

You will probably need to use the GUI.HorizontalSlider which does not show the value or label, but you will have to manage the size and area of it yourself as it uses a Rect for where to draw itself.