Any way to make charactercontroller only collide from bottom?

Hey I'm back with a similar problem to before. I need my charactercontroller player to jump through platforms like they are not even there and only use colliders to tell when it "isGrounded" so it can jump. He just jumps when he touches the ground. That's it! I thought I had it solved but when it came time to do some serious stage building my solution just couldn't last through the workflow, way too difficult.

What I had going was a simple script attached to each platform that made it turn its collider into a trigger when the player was below so it easily passed through, and then it turned back into a normal collider when the player was higher, so it can then land on top of it. Worked great! Only now I have all kinds of different sprawling meshes for the platforms with center points that don't work with that script at all! What I need is to do this based on collision instead of simple relative height.

Only problem is there seems to be NO WAY to make a charactercontroller stop reacting to specific collisions, for instance all collisions but with the bottom, which would be PERFECT for what I'm doing. Unless I missed something? Did I... miss something?

Oh okay I think I just figured out something that might work. I don't know what the code will look like but I'm fairly sure it can be done. If I child an object to my player and place it directly below the player I can have it be a trigger that, only when moving down, will switch whatever it collides with from a trigger to a regular collider leaving it ready for my character to land on! Then I just need a way to get the platform to turn back into a trigger once my player is done jumping off it and I think I'll try to find a way for the trigger below my player to tell when it is no longer in contact with the platform.

So ultimately it looks like, for my purposes, it's going to be best to not use a charactercontroller at all but a rigidbody instead as it's collider can be a trigger and still tell me when I'm touching platforms. Now I just have my player jump the moment they touch any platform at all which is exactly what I need for my game design. Of coarse now I have an entirely new challenge of getting a camera with a smooth follow script to actually SMOOTHLY follow a rigidbody but I'm prett confident as I start to understand better the exact parts of update, late update, and fixed update, that I can get a camera to follow a rigidbody just as smoothly as a character controller.