Any way to preview 5.0 beta?


I'm posting to ask if there's anyway to install 5.0 without uninstalling 4.6. I would like to test an import of our project but I would like to do it in confidence that there will be no alterations to my previous unity install and its project settings and files. I'd like to hear some options, if anyone has them. Thanks

What platform you are running on ( win ? mac ? ) you can install as many Unity version you want , without interfering between them, just that the process on mac or win differ.
There is I think already a bunch of thread regarding this.

windows, I searched..

Edit: side by side were the key words i needed. thank you :)

Then just name you install folder other than "Unity", the default name, when you install it

And the licenses wont conflict? I've got pro with team server, guess I'll find out soon but just wondering if it's going to make me activate twice on one computer..

It's fine, it shouldn't ask you to activate. Assuming you have a license for 5 (you upgraded or bought it).

It asked me to activate again, so 5 definitely uses its own activation files.

It's too bad the license manager isn't stand-alone

Heh, the standalone licence manager is actually a complaint about certain other software ;)

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I praise autodesks license manager, just me i guess. Exporting and importing has never failed, though Unity has done a very nice job at giving me full access to the return license function.

But back to topic, I'll let you know if I get asked to activate my license again when I get that far. Have to fix a beta 20 installation first.

Not just you. I meant literally exactly what I wrote: There have been complaints about standalone licence managers. Not by all, but some :)

Anyway, if you have a recently bought licence OR subscribe, you're set for Unity 5. I dunno if 5.x has parallel activations though. That might be a problem if you've already got two 4.x activations, for instance.

Sure nuff, if you're installing 5 side by side with 4.x it'll cost you an activation.

Edit: not true

Not that sure.

5 is just the beta test and unable to export products you could sell: it would be a bad move from Unity to ask you to give up one activation on a work tool you need while you also need to be aware of the content and features of the next version.

I personally installed Unity 5b on the same computer as my 4.5 and they are both working fine while my second activation code is used on my laptop, but this one is a 3.5 so it may not count.

Nope. It doesn't. You can see the current state of activations in your unity profile. You can apparently also reset it from there now in case you need to.

Go to the front page, log in and then go to the store page (don't know why). If you are logged in you can then access "May Account" at the top where you'll find what you bought and how many activations you have left. Also you can disable activations there, it seems. I haven't tried to do that, though. So maybe it doesn't just reset but actually nuke your activations in a huge fiery explosion (... kidding).

And for the record: I also hate standalone license managers. The web based functionality is nice, though. :)

I have 4 and 5 on my laptop and my desktop using my subscriber activation and no problems.

No problem here as well. I have Unity 4 and Unity 5 on my windows laptop and both of them on my mac as well without any license trouble. I only own one Unity license.

I poked around the licence site, and it looks like Unity 5 simply doesn't count towards the activation count at all.

I had to activate every whole version number separately so far. It seems as long as you activate on the same machine there's no problem with it.

Some weeks ago I had to replace hardware and the activations all didn't work any more. So even if each version activates for itself - I guess on the same hardware it does not count as a new acitvation.

That's one mystery solved, I guess. Now on to the one about the missing socks.

Hey! So it looks like the 5 beta just checks whether or not you're eligible to use it or not without activating the license. Thanks guys!