Any way to show a picture on the screen when a model is clicked?

I would like in the scene to be abel to use the mouse to click on objects, which I can do and my scene works interactively when you move the object with the mouse, but first of all I would like a picture to come up that can be closed with an 'X' on click and a different picture for each model in the scene. Is this possible

Yes, it is possible. Make a script with an OnMouseDown function and an OnGUI function and attach the script to your model.

  • Use OnMouseDown to detect the click on the model. In the OnMouseDown function you can set some boolean: `showPicture = true;`

  • Use OnGUI to make some GUI that is only shown when `showPicture` is `true`. You can use DrawTexture to draw your image. Also make a button that will set `showPicture = false;` and make the button look like an 'X'.

Thank you very much for your help, I will be giving that a go tonight and tommorrow.