Any websites for learning to script??

Does anyone know a website or iPod app that will teach me how to script for games?

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Believe me, the Search field above is a very useful tool.

you bet

all have lots of tutorials, your best bet is to target exactly what you want to do and then search for that. The open eneded tutorials which do 3d games from start to finish are good too.

Try youtube…

I will always recommend this, because this is where i started.
Have not found a better beginner introduction to scripting, specifically in

well you may not get anything from those above links … but visit this
if ya want you can skip the first tutorial move to second one it will kick start you

I recommend :

It has a great completely free MASSIVE tutorial that is pretty easy to follow, as well as any of the sites linked so far

But for absolute basics working with unity start with :

Basically just look for anything you can find, and when you are coding anything just keep:

as well as this site open in case you run into any problems and you should be fine. Unity makes scripting incredibly easy and as long as you use the resources available to you, you should not have any problems.